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Let us help host your next campus event!

Campus Events has been the staple of our business. The overwhelming popularity of gaming amongst College/University students provides another option for students can enjoy as part of their student life experience. We have been a member of COCA for over 7 years and have worked with many student programmers to provide hundreds of events at various campuses across Ontario. Our knowledge, experience and reputation in the industry ensure your event will be a success on your campus.




See some pictures of our latest College or University events.


We Got Game! offers many packages which fits the size and the budget of your campus.  If your a programmer at your school and looking for different ideas to entertain your students, We Got Game! is your perfect solution.

Virtual Reality Package (NEW)

  •  4 PlayStation Virtual Reality Headset
  • 4 TVs
  • 8 Controllers
  • Multiplayer Games

Basic Package


  • 8 consoles
  • 8 TVs
  • 16 Controllers
  • Variety of Games

Standard Package

  • 12 Consoles
  • 12 TVs
  • 4 Gaming Chairs
  • 24 Controllers
  • Variety of Games

Advanced Package

  • 16 Consoles
  • 16 TVs
  • 8 Gaming Chairs
  • 32 Controllers
  • Variety of Games

Ultimate Package

  • 22 Consoles
  • 22 TVs/Monitors
  • 8 Gaming Chairs
  • 48 controllers
  • Variety of Games

Custom Package

We can customize your package to fit your needs if block booking is considered.