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Campus Esports – About

Have you ever wanted to compete in a Esports event against other students?



Campus Esports Tournament

We Got Game! has been hosting Campus events and Esports tournament for over 10 years. Occasionally, we have combined both Campus event and Esports event between campuses on a small scale. We have invested in over 75 consoles which 50 systems are new generation consoles inclucing PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. We currently have over 50 TVs and monitors, controllers and a wide selection of games for recreational gamers.

In 2019, we are taking Esports gaming to another level by combining our campuses events with our Esports tournaments. We have finalized 10 campuses to host a Intramural/Extramural Campus Esports Tournament between the top students across Ontario representing their school.

What is Intramural/Extramural Campus Esports Tournament


We Got Game! will provide all the gaming equipment, Tvs, controllers and games for schools to participate in our Intramural/Extramural Campus Esports Event.

Intramural/Extramural Campus Esports is exactly how it sounds. Similar to recreational intramural sports at a campus such as Basketball, Volleyball and many other sports, We Got Game! is introducing Campus Esports Team for College/Universities in Ontario.

Typically, Esports events are hosted by Athletic Department and supported by your Student Union department.

Gaming has become an official sport in major countries such Germany, USA, China, Finland and much more which Athletic Departments are taking the initiative.

Our objective is to provide recreational sports games within Athletic Departments and/or Student Unions across Ontario. We plan to host console sports games such as FIFA, NBA 2K and Smash Bros in 2019 and look at other game such NHL, Madden in future years.

These type of games are ideal games for students. Most students can relate on a social and recreational level. School campuses which has a high level of student diversity will cater to a vast number of students.

We Got Game! will come to your campus facility and host a Intramural Esports event between students at your school.

This year, We Got Game! will host FIFA19 soccer, NBA2K19 Basketball and Smash Bros Ultimate on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch consoles. The top 4 students on each game will represent your campus and qualify for our Extramural Tournament.

We Got Game! currently focuses on College and Universities schools in Ontario. Eventually our goal is to host Campus Esports Tournament across Canada and eventually in the United States.

Intramural Esports Tournament

Our “Free” for students Intramural/Extramural Campus Esports Tournament event for students takes place at your campus. We Got Game! will provide 24 gaming systems, TV/Monitors, 50 controllers and 18 copies of FIFA, NBA2K games on Xbox One and PS4 along with 6 Nintendo Switch’s to host your Intramural qualifier event. Campus client provides the space, tables, chairs and approx 4-5 separate power outlets.

We Got Game! will host/organize a single elimination Campus Esports Tournament event with up to 64 participants on each game. Based on the tournament results, we will determine the top 4 players on each game to represent your campus esports team. An example: FIFA19 2 Xbox One and 2 PS4. NBA2K19 2 on Xbox One and 2 PS4 and 4 players on Super Smash Bros on Nintendo Switch. The top 4 on each game or the final 12 players is now considered your Extramural Esports team representing your campus.

Only students from participating schools can compete in our Campus Esports Tournaments. A valid student card and another ID will be required from each student. See participating schools page for schools competing.

Extramural Esports Tournament

Each year, We Got Game!s Extramural Campus Esports Tournament will take place at a single location. This year our final championship will take place March 9th, 2019 at Humber College North Campus Student Centre located at 205 Humber Blvd, Toronto Ontario. Each participating campus is responsible to transport their extramural team to  compete in our double elimination finals.

Our event will take place from 12pm-6pm where We Got Game! will determine the best student player across Ontario on each game. We Got Game! will provide prizes worth $5000.00 total for all 3 games. The top 3 winners of each game will receive prizes splitting the total amount of 5K.

Each school is recommended to provide students with matching school gear, hats and other creative items representing your school. Feel free to use your school chants and let everyone know who your representing.

Pictures, videos and other media will be taken during event. Permission forms to use event media must be signed to participate. We will only use some of the media items for social media purposes. Student ID and another form of ID must be presented at finals event. We will not reward prizes without proper ID.

We look forward to amazing Campus Esports Event in 2019. See you there.