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We Got Game! Online Tournaments

Our LAN events has created and prepared regular players into Pro players on the main stage. We ready to find online players ready to turn into Pro Players. Will you be next??

Registration starts May 1st.

Each Game

Our online admins will be watching each game to ensure updated scores, resolve issues and ensure games are on time.

Each Game

We setup 16 consoles to watch stream each game. Download our APP below to watch any game.

Each Game

Each game will be recorded so teams can have a copy and see entire team gameplay.

We Got Game! is launching our online tournaments for many tournaments including.

  • BO4
  • FIFA
  • NHL
  • Fortnite
  • Halo  (Coming Soon)
Casters for main games
– Join our APP
Watch All Games
– Create Player profile
– Follow Bracket
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Winners receive top prizes.

How it Works/Features:

  • Date/Time: Looking to launch in May 2019
  • 2v2 Online

WGG! Member: A member will qualify to participate in our weekly event and our monthly events. If you register before our league events you can participate in our weekly events. If you register after we started (example week 2), you can only participate in our main monthly tournament.

  • The total costs for both weekly league and monthly tournament is $20.00 per player/$40.00 per team.
  • Weekly League.
  • Based on 64 teams you will play 1 game a week until eliminated. In the final week, the top 8 teams will play for the finals on the Saturday to determine the top league team which will be awarded cash prize. Top 8 teams will be rewarded the next month free entry.
  • Main Tournament
  • Each member can participate in the main tournament once a month where it is double elimination and teams will play for top cash prizes. The top 8 teams will be ranked the highest and then the previous teams eliminated will be ranked below.
  • No Pros only High End AMs & 2 Cdns must be on each team minimum.
  • We will setup 16 console to record and stream every game.
  • We Got Game! APP has created so players or spectators can watch any of the 16 matches or watch the casted match. App is also used for player profiles
  • Up to 4 online admins to assist real time during the event.- Live on Discord.
  • – Online Admins will join as spectator for each match
  • – Ensure all games start on time
  • – Record and stream each game.
  • – Snap shot of stats and update player profile on APP
  • – Updated challonge bracket in real time as their will no delays
  • – Disputes are settled real time as we will be online watching/recording/streaming games and on discord communication with teams live.
  • – Recorded games will be given to team captains after tournaments to view your teams gameplay.
  • – Player profile can be created on APP which we hope to link stats if you are a continued participant.
  • – Logos will be requested as we can stream multiple games instantly with our broadcaster mixer and Stream Deck. So we can hop into as many as 8 games instantly which your logo and team name will appear.
  • – Higher team will host 1st and lower seed will host 2nd. If internet speeds are not up to speed, We will be a neutral host as a caster. We are still testing this process.

Hope to see you soon